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New Place Fencing
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High Quality Domestic Gates Fitted in Brighton

Based in Littlehampton, Sussex. We supply and install highly resistant and durable domestic gates for outdoor spaces and gardens across Brighton.  

With a wide variety of designs, including traditional wood classics to modern style; you will be spoilt for choice with the amount of domestic gates that we will offer your Brighton outdoor space or garden. If you are looking for something to improve your premises, be that the front of your property, driveway or back garden gateway; with decades of experience in the industry, depend on the professionals at New Place Fencing to enhance the exterior of your premises with beautifully crafted domestic gates. 

We will tailor and customise your domestic gates to best suit your Brighton property needs, from the design right through to the installation process. If you have a specific design in mind then our domestic gate specialists will work with you to make sure that the design will become the reality for your garden or outdoor space. 

If you would like to discuss domestic gate options for your Brighton domestic property; call our friendly team on 01903 72523, they will be on hand to give you all the advice and information you need as well as a FREE property survey and no obligation quotation

Tailored and Trusted Domestic Gates Installed

Fitting domestic gates that have been purchased from DIY stores is a very challenging task, more often than not, resulting in the gates not fitting properly into the space that you want them to fill. We take away that headache, manufacturing bespoke domestic gates that will be designed, measured and installed by our highly skilled and experienced domestic gate installers. 

Our custom made domestic gates, be that wooden or modern are the perfect addition to any Brighton domestic property. They will be very noticeable and anyone coming to visit your home, will notice the impact because of they will be of the highest quality.  

Domestic Gates of all styles installed across Brighton

  • Bespoke wooden gate design and installation 
  • TGV arched top gate 
  • Lapped garden fencing and gates 
  • Side entrance and fire bar gates 

Based in Littlehampton, we specialise in providing homeowners and other domestic clients in Brighton with the very best in domestic gate installations. 

We supply and install the perfect domestic gates to suit your Brighton property requirements, so please contact us today for your FREE property survey and no obligation quotation.